Oslo Børs - OCY02 - New bond issue to be listed 10.06.2014

06 Jun 2014
New bond issue to be listed on Oslo Børs on the 10.06.2014 Issue name: Ocean Yield ASA 14/19 FRN C Ticker: OCY02 Instrument ID: 1301102 ISIN: NO0010708316 Segment: OBOC Country: NO Trading currency: NOK Current outstanding principal amount: 600 mill, tap issue Interest accrual date: 26.03.2014 Maturity date: 26.03.2019 Coupon rate: 5.59 % p.a. (3 mnd NIBOR + 3.90 %) Sector list: Major Bonds Sector (OMJ) Managers: Pareto Securities AS, DNB Bank ASA, Markets Central Securities Depository: VPS Oslo Børs has received approved prospectus, which will be available at [http://www.oslobors.no] and [www.oceanyield.no] from the first day of listing.